• Sprachcaffe Languages Plus, Brighton
    Sprachcaffe Languages Plus, Brighton offers a wide variety of professional English language courses!

There are five levels at Sprachcaffe Languages-Plus. By the end of each level you should be able to do some of the following:

Language Level DescriptionSkills
Elementary (A1)Asking simple questions, buying items in shop, reading notices, writing basic sentences, following simple instructions.
Pre-Intermediate (A2)Talking about the past, writing a simple letter, expressing opinions, reading basic texts.
Intermediate (B1)Making social conversation, more tenses, passive voice, some modals and conditionals, general vocabulary, writing a straightforward text.
Upper-Intermediate (B2)Some phrasal verbs and idioms, general conversation, differentiation between formal and informal language, generally accurate use of past tenses and reported speech, writing a range of texts i.e. reports.
Advanced (C1)Understanding most texts and recordings, complex verb constructions. Ability to talk on almost any topic, and to write extensively and mostly accurately.

At each level you will work on the four language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking). You will also learn and review English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Your teacher will plan and prepare activities which allow you to practice your new skills and knowledge in a variety of ways.