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Things to Do in Brighton and Hove

Royal Pavilion in Brighton
Royal Pavilion in Brighton

Brighton and Hove has grown over the years and in the 21st Century is as popular as ever.

With its cosmopolitan atmosphere, hundreds of restaurants and abundance of nightlife and culture, Brighton is one of the most popular seaside resorts in the UK. Brighton Pier and The Royal Pavilion are two of the most popular attractions in Britain.

Brighton and Hove is only around one hour from London and 30 minutes from Gatwick.

Brighton is a popular seaside resort surrounded by the countryside of the Sussex Downs. It is also a major university city, attracting a large British student population. It has an international reputation as one of the most fashionable cities in England and is an important educational and cultural centre. It hosts some of Britain's most important political conferences.

There is a huge amount to enjoy including:

  • Nightclubs
  • Bars
  • Concerts
  • Cinemas
  • A new marina with a bowling centre, a gym, sailing excursions, restaurants, shopping and bars
  • Several swimming pools
  • A new state-of-the-art public library

Brighton also has superb shopping districts, each with its own individual character. There are vintage and designer boutiques, independent artists' and crafts shops, major brands, gifts and souvenirs, antiques, a Saturday outdoor flea market and organic and specialist food shops/delicatessens.

History of Brighton

Brighton Pier by Phllip Dunn
Brighton Pier by Phllip Dunn

The aristocracy of 18th Century London frequently wished to escape the filthy and crowded streets of the metropolis. They began to build large residences along Brighton's cleaner, warmer and more scenic coastline.

Subsequently, magnificent Georgian architecture can be enjoyed for the length of the seafront in locations such as Adelaide Crescent and the beautiful Brunswick and Palmeira Squares. You can visit the Regency Town House or elegant Preston Manor to see how these aristocrats used to live.

The trend for relocating from London to Brighton really got going once the Prince Regent (later King George IV) first visited Brighton and Hove in 1783 and built his fantastic seaside palace, the Royal Pavilion. With its unique and quirky Eastern influenced look and history of elaborate dinners and parties, this building has become the iconic landmark most associated with Brighton.

By the end of the 19th Century, what was once a small fishing village, had grown into a fashionable seaside resort. Later, the development of a railway infrastructure meant that finally everyone could take holidays by the sea like the aristocrats before them and the tradition of a trip to the seaside began.

You too can enjoy this traditional English seaside fun on the Victorian Brighton Pier, eating fish and chips or traditional 'rock' just like millions of British holidaymakers before you.

Preston Manor Brighton
Preston Manor Brighton