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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the school in the centre of Brighton?

We have two locations, one on Holland Road and one on Queens Road. Holland Road is in the middle of Brighton and Hove, just off Western Road which is the main shopping street in Brighton with Churchill Square Shopping Centre. It is also a 2 minute walk from the beach and a 10 minute walk from the residence at the West Beach Hotel. Queens Road is in the centre of Brighton, minutes from the railway station, the quaint shopping district of the Lanes and also Churchill Square Shopping Centre. Brighton is not a large city in terms of travel and most locations can be reached fairly easily on foot or by a short bus journey.

How do I get to Sprachcaffe Languages Plus in Brighton?

The easiest London airport to travel to Brighton by is London Gatwick airport. From there you can travel by bus or by train to Brighton. The train station is located about 20 minutes from the Holland Road school, or a short taxi journey. Queens Road is school is about 5 minutes on foot from the station. The residence at West Beach Hotel is about a 20 minute walk from the railway station or a short taxi journey. If you choose to book with another London airport, you can still reach Brighton easily by train or bus, but your journey may be longer.

Is Sprachcaffe Languages Plus close to public transport

Holland Road is situated a 20 minute walk away from the train station and Queens Road is about 5 minutes. The nearest bus stop is about a 2 minute walk away from both locations.

How can I register at Sprachcaffe Languages Plus?

You should complete a registration form and send it to the school either by post to:

Sprachcaffe Languages Plus, Brighton
20 Queens Road
East Sussex

...or through the web-site

...or by email to reception@languages-plus.co.uk

When booking, you must pay a deposit equal to 20% of your fees (including a £50 registration fee). If you require a letter of acceptance, you must pay a deposit equal to 40% of your total fees plus a non-refundable £65. If you wish to have this letter sent to you overseas by DHL you will need to pay an additional non-refundable £65.

What do I have to do to receive a letter of acceptance?

You have to send your registration form and deposit as detailed above. If you require a letter of acceptance to accompany a visa application, you will need to send a non-refundable £65 with your registration form and a deposit equal to 40% of the total fees. If you require us to send the letter by DHL to an overseas address, you will need to send an additional non-refundable £65. You will then receive the acceptance letter, along with an invoice showing the balance of outstanding fees, to be paid four weeks before arrival.

When should the balance of fees be paid?

Four weeks before arrival.

How much is the registration fee?

The registration fee is £50 for individual adult bookings.

How much does public transport cost in Brighton?

The cost of a single journey anywhere within Brighton is £2.30 and an all day ticket costs £4.60. The price for a weekly ticket is £22.50.

Is it possible to use the Internet?

We have free WIFI access at both schools.

When can I start my English course?

It depends on what course you have booked. Please check the course descriptions page.

How can I find out what my level is?

Every student must take an initial placement test on the first day of the course. This consists of a written multiple choice test. Based on your performance in these tests, you will be placed into a group with students of a similar level.

What kind of accommodation is best for me?

We offer three types of accommodation: host family, hotel residence and self-catering apartment.

Homestay accommodation involves sharing a home with a local household and living with them as their guest. The household could be a family with children, a young couple, a retired couple or a single person.

Breakfast and evening meals are provided by the family and this type of accommodation gives you the opportunity to experience life in a real British home, and to communicate with English speaking people every day. As families do not often live in the city centre, most of the accommodation is situated outside the centre, so it is necessary to travel to school by bus. You will share the bathroom with the other members of the family.

The hotel residence is a 39-bedroom converted hotel building on the seafront in Brighton.

The location is central as it is situated in the city centre, close to the beach, shops and all the local facilities. Each room has its own bathroom but there is no access to a kitchen. Breakfast, half-board (including packed lunch) or half board at the hotel can be booked for an additional cost. The hotel is also close to many good quality restaurants and takeaways.

Self-catering accommodation is ideal for you if you want to live independently with other students.

Apartments are shared flats in which the bathroom and kitchen are shared with other students, so you have the opportunity to cook your own food and to communicate with other students from the school. The apartments are usually in the city centre.

How can I pay?

By bank transfer: the relevant account number will be on the invoice. Please send us a copy of the transfer order. All bank charges will be incurred by you. Or by credit card: upon your notification, the appropriate form will be sent. It will need to be completed with the name of the credit card company, card number, expiry and signature. An additional 2% credit card fee will be charged.