• Sprachcaffe Brighton Languages Plus
    Sprachcaffe Brighton Languages Plus offers a variety of comfortable accommodation options to suit your preferences!

Summer Campus in Brighton

In the summer, Sprachcaffe offers its students another accommodation option located in Brighton University buildings while Brighton's local students are away for the holidays.

The summer campus is mainly for our young students, but adults are more than welcome to choose this option too! Please find below the prices for adults:

Accommodation details

If you choose to sleep at the summer campus, you'll have a single room with an en-suite bathroom. These are rooms used by Brighton's students during the year.

Please note that there is a one time fee of £70 when you book accommodation

Accommodation for Young People

The different prices for U20 accommodation come in packages. Please go to our Package Prices page.

Please note that our young students who choose the summer campus as accommodation will also be having their English courses in Brighton University, to make their stay more comfortable. Indeed, classrooms are only 10 minutes away by bus from the bedrooms.