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    Sprachcaffe Languages Plus, Brighton offers a wide variety of professional English language courses!

Intensive English Courses for Groups in Brighton

Intensive English courses for Groups in Brighton

Intensivel English classes practise all the language skills: pronunciation, reading and writing, speaking and listening, and grammar and vocabulary. Students joining these classes are assessed for level and allocated to an appropriate class.

Four and a half hours of tuition per day guarantees effective learning, whilst leaving the morning or afternoon free for extra-curricular activities. (Please see the 'Things to Do in Brighton )

Classes for the standard package are 22.5 hours perweek.

If you are looking for less hours please check our Standard Group Package

Leisure Packages

You can choose between three different leisure programmes whilst taking our English Cuorses for Groups in Brighton.

  • Leisure Package 1*: £65

    • 4 afternoon/evening activities
    • 1 full day excrussion per week

  • Leisure package 2: £45

    • 4 afternoon/evening activities

  • Combination leisure package 1 +  2: £110

    • 8 afternoon/evenning activities + 1 full day excrusion per week

  • 2 weeks prior to arrival a detailed programme will be provided

  • Activities and Excursions are subject to availability.

    (*) Leisure package 1 includes one full day excursion and four half day excursions. Full day excursions are typically to London sightseeing and shopping, London museum and art gallery viewing, Cambridge, Oxford, Chichester or Hastings.

    Other excursions and activities are available and we are flexible in what we will offer. Half day activities include those mentioned on the 'Things to Do in Brighton' page plus bowling, films, comedy, jewellery making, pottery painting, sports, the Hove museum, ghost tours, sewer tours, kayaking etc. Afternoon trips are also on offer for example to the stunning scenery of Seven Sisters country Park and Devil’s Dyke . Here students can experience the famous views of the South Downs and its natural wildlife. Groups' leisure programmes are tailor-made by our Leisure Coordinator specifically for each group, taking into account the age, size, interests and cultural background of the group.


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extra full-board day£25.40

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