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Leisure for Adult Students

Excursions (One Day or Weekend Breaks)

Sprachcaffe Languages Plus works with a highly respected and specialist tour company for international students which provides excursions for international students to destinations all over the UK and Europe. For example, students can book a day’s sightseeing in London, a Harry Potter tour, a weekend in Paris, a Beatles themed tour of Liverpool or a day in Cambridge. Our school receptionist can help book the tour with you. The tours include transport and an English speaking tour guide. As they are specifically designed for students of English, students can either travel alone or form groups with other students from school to travel with.

Activities Before or After Class and in the Evening

One of the most attractive aspects of Brighton is the huge number of available activities. Students have the opportunity to enjoy a real taste of Brighton by immersing themselves in its culture. The city is home to countless entertainment venues. For example: around 300 pubs, many of which offer live music and comedy and the Theatre Royal which shows West End productions,in addition to the famous Brighton Nightlife, which brings not only locals, but entertainment seekers from London and the whole of East Sussex.

Brighton also hosts an extensive array of festivals and events each year: in spring there is the Brighton Festival (the biggest arts festival in the UK), Sussex Beer and Cider festival and the Brighton festival of Japan. In summer there is Paddle Round the Pier, Brighton Pride and the 'Soundwaves' festival. In autumn you can enjoy the Food and Drink festival, Brighton Comedy Festival and the White Nights Celebration. Through the winter we have the CINECITY Film Festival and the Burning of the Clocks celebration. A list of the month’s top activities (including these festivals and the events within them) is always listed on our notice board each week so that students are fully informed of what is on offer in the vibrant city.

There are many leisure options available in Brighton all year round too. The historic, eccentric and stunning Royal Pavilion is surrounded by gardens which are perfect for picnicking and listening to local street performers. Brighton museum has arts and crafts exhibitions spanning ages and continents as well as exhibitions specifically about Brighton itself. There are many quirky small museums such as the Fishing museum, and the Toy museum. There are many, many more entertainment and sports activities available from beach volley ball to salsa, and wine-tasting to laser quest.

Socialising at the School and Information

We are a sociable school with a lively garden at Holland Road and student lounges about both sites where students can make friends and plans for their free time. We have parties, barbecues and karaoke nights each season. You need never be alone during your time at the school as there are always students or members of staff ready for a chat.Our student lounge is full of information on the tourist attractions in Brighton mentioned above and also the beautiful surrounding countryside. There are bus maps, leaflets and magazines to inspire the students in their choice of free time activities. In addition, we have dedicated staff, who are available during the school day to assist and advise students with booking leisure activities. There are activities available for all budgets.


Finally, Brighton is shopping heaven! The city has several major shopping areas which offer something for every budget. Western Road has many classic souvenir shops. The Lanes have many independent, individual and creative shops for those looking for something unique. There are also designer boutiques in this area of town. Churchill Square shopping centre has all the major brands and is a fun place to hang out with friends.