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    Sprachcaffe Languages Plus, Brighton offers a wide variety of English courses for Young People!

Leisure Activities for Junior Students

Students who have booked onto our Junior (U20) programme (aged 12-17) book a package so their leisure programme is included in the overall price. Students will be supervised and accompanied by a 'teamer', a Sprachcaffe Languages Plus member of staff aged 21-30 years old who is specifically trained and instructed to accompany the students in their compulsory supervised activities and be available to support them out of class, speaking English only with the students. Teamers are live on site at our residences with the students and are there to provide friendly support to our younger students. Students staying at host families will travel to and from the school unsupervised but will be escorted to their bus stop before they take their own journey home. Any unsupervised time will be risk assessed by our teamers and curfews are in place for all our accommodation options for students aged under 18.

Organisation of activities

The activities are designed by the teamers to encourage the junior students to make friends and have a fun and memorable experience whilst learning about British culture and practising their English. Every week the teamers give out a schedule of activities to our students - for a typical two week course this will include 8 half day excursions and one full day excursion complemented by other supervised activities and some free time too.

Activities in our programs

The choice of activities is varied so that every junior student can find plenty to interest them. Full day excursions include London, Cambridge, Oxford, Hastings, Chichester and Portsmouth. The full day trip to London is very popular. Brighton is just a short distance from London with trains taking under an hour from Brighton Station to Central London.

The list of activities available in Brighton is too long to list and the teamer will select activities which they think will be enjoyable for the specific junior students they are taking care of, taking into consideration age, interests, cultural background, gender etc. However, activities include: beach barbeques, beach volley ball, ghost tours, film nights, visits to local historical towns and the surrounding countryside, and many more.

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